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Welcome to the website of the Latin American Climate Assessment & Dataset. Presented is information on changes in weather and climate extremes, as well as the daily dataset needed to monitor and analyse these extremes.


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The database is updated until: Jul 31, 2015.

April 2015 - Included 2 stations in Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire and Sint Eustatius).

April 2015 - Included new stations and series from DGA and Meteo Chile in Chile.

March 2015 - Included new stations and series from SENAMHI in Bolivia.

March 2015 - Included new stations and series from SENAMHI in Peru.

March 2015 - Included new and updated series from INAMHI in Ecuador.

February 2014 - Included new stations from Colombia.

January 2014 - Updated series from Ecuador.

November 2013 - Included new stations from Venezuela.

November 2013 - Included new stations from Chile.

May 2012 - Included new stations from Suriname.

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Participants and data

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Today, LACA&D is receiving data from 9 participants for 9 countries and the LACA dataset contains 1778 series of observations for 7 elements at 1225 meteorological stations throughout Latin America (see Daily data > Data dictionary). 69% of these series can be downloaded from this website for non-commercial research and education. Participation is open to anyone maintaining daily station data. If you want to join please contact us. See our data policy for more details.




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LACA&D is possible thanks to the contribution of several institutions in Latin America, with the coordination of CIIFEN and the KNMI of Netherlands. The system contributes to the objectives of the Global Framework of Climate Services.



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Centro Internacional para la Investigación del Fenómeno de El Niño
Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)

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Rodney Martínez (CIIFEN)

Juan José Nieto (CIIFEN)

Andrea Freire (CIIFEN)

Else van den Besselaar (KNMI)

Albert Klein Tank (KNMI)

Gerard van der Schrier (KNMI)



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