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Indices data

This is the download page for aggregated station indices data for all stations within LACA&D. Indices data are freely available for non-commercial research. For each station 53 indices are calculated, each describing changes in the mean or extremes of climate. 26 indices follow the definitions recommended by the CCl/CLIVAR/JCOMM Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI, marked with *). To learn more about the indices and the way they are calculated see the Indices dictionary.
The 53 indices have been grouped in different categories corresponding with different aspects of climate change.

There is one datafile for each index. Each datafile gives information for all available stations in the LACA&D database. The indices are aggregated over the year, October to March, April to September, DJF, MAM, JJA, SON and each of the calendar months. This readme file gives more information.





Mean of daily mean cloud cover (CC)

Mostly sunny days (CC2)

Mostly cloudy days (CC6)



Growing degree days (GD4)

Growing season length (GSL)*

No. consecutive frost days (CFD)

No. frost days (FD)*

Heating degree days (HD17)

No. ice days (ID)*

Cold spell duration index (CSDI)*

No. of cold days (TG10p)

No. of cold nights (TN10p)*

No. of cold day-times (TX10p)*

Minimum of daily maximum temperature (TXn)*

Minimum of daily minimum temperature (TNn)*



No. of cold/dry days (CD)

No. of cold/wet days (CW)

No. of warm/dry days (WD)

No. of warm/wet days (WW)



Maximum no. of consecutive dry days (CDD)*

6-month Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI6)

3-month Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI3)



No. of summer days (SU)*

No. tropical nights (TR)*

Warm spell duration index (WSDI)*

No. of warm days (TG90p)

No. of warm nights (TN90p)*

No. of warm day-times (TX90p)*

Maximum of daily maximum temperature (TXx)*

Maximum of daily minimum temperature (TNx)*

Consecutive summer days (CSU)



Mean of daily mean relative humidity (RH)



Precipitation sum (RR)

No. of wet days (RR1)

Simple daily intensity index (SDII)*

Maximum no. of consecutive wet days (CWD)*

Heavy precipitation days (> 10mm) (R10mm)*

Very heavy precipitation days (> 20mm) (R20mm)*

Highest 1-day precipitation amount (RX1day)*

Highest 5-day precipitation amount (RX5day)*

No. of moderate wet days (R75p)

Precipitation fraction due to moderate wet days (R75pTOT)

No. of very wet days (R95p)

Precipitation fraction due to very wet days (R95pTOT)*

No. of extremely wet days (R99p)

Precipitation fraction due to extremely wet days (R99pTOT)*

Precipitation amount due to wet days (PRCPTOT)*



Mean of daily mean temperature (TG)

Mean of daily minimum temperature (TN)

Mean of daily maximum temperature (TX)

Mean of diurnal temperature range (DTR)*

Intra-period extreme temperature range (ETR)

Mean absolute day-to-day difference in DTR (vDTR)